No matter what corner of the globe you call home, ECA is the solution for international guests traveling to North America’s national parks.

For international guests, ECA offers all of the services and destinations listed for Las Vegas Day Trips and National Park Experiences. In addition to standard services such as planning, transportation, guide/safety, and photography, ECA provides the following additional advantages to international travelers:


You will have a guide who speaks and understands English fluently, understands cultural norms in North America, and knows how to keep your family safe both in the parks and during travel.


ECA, with the guests input, will be able to do the vast majority of planning. No translation. No trying to figure out if the hikes are appropriate. No converting from Kilometers to Miles.
Yes, we understand the metric system makes more sense, but it is what it is.


We ensure that during the “Pre-Trip” process we will be able to work out the best ways to communicate, including on hand translation software as needed, so there are no issues on the actual adventure.

Optimizing International Travel Time

ECA is uniquely willing to design and execute trips with far more parks included than elsewhere. We believe the National Park Experiences will be particularly applicable to international travelers, as these aggressive schedules allow guest to see the best of numerous parks in a limited timeframe.

Stay Engaged

As with our standard trips, international guests will be able to relax with their loved ones rather than drive, and enjoy the spectacular moments with their family rather view it from a camera viewfinder. Everyone will be in all the pictures too.

Engaged Hosts

ECA believes that North America’s National Parks are its crown jewels and we are proud to share them with guests from all over the world. We want to be known as kind, hospitable hosts and let our guests see the best that the United States and Canada have to offer.

Elite Custom Adventures is here to make your experience in North America’s national parks as fulfilling, safe, and memorable as possible, no matter where you call home.

For international guests interetsed in fully dedicated trips to North America’s National Parks, please review our
National Park Experiences.

For international guests interested in visiting Las Vegas who wish to include a National Park visit, please review
Las Vegas Daytrips

We understand that each guest is unique, and all above trips are “suggested”.
We encourage you to Reach Out and discuss how we can customize your perfect experience.

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