Joshua Tree Tour

Joshua Tree Tour Itinerary

The following is a suggested itinerary, further customizable based on guests’ priorities:

Joshua Tree Tour Overview

A very user-friendly park, ECA’s Joshua Tree tour will take you through expansive deserts, unique rock formations, and of course, Joshua Trees. Most hikes are well thought out 2-3 mile loops, and most areas of the park offer expansive views. While offering plenty of opportunities for bouldering, the vast majority of hikes do not require significant elevation gain, exposure, or technical skills.

Morning – Borrego Springs

However, as Joshua Tree is not the largest park, guests will have the option of starting their Joshua Tree tour in the nearby town of Borrego Springs. Borrego Springs is a small town on the backside of San Diego county, bordering the Anza Borrego State Park. The reason we’re going is to see the desert sculptures, and “unique” does not begin to describe it.

Scattered throughout the outskirts of the town area, we’ll find dinosaurs, sand serpents, wooly mammoths, and a litany of other creatures, some real and some fantasy. Each of these sculptures is massive, some 15-20 feet high, and made of metal that has turned a rusted bronze color in the heat of the desert sun. Don’t worry, ECA will bring the sunscreen.

Keep It Loose, Pt. 1

Midday – Joshua Tree North

After Borrego Springs, the Joshua Tree tour will head north and begin in the northern portion of Joshua Tree national park. This is what post people visit, including the most well-known rock formations and mature Joshua Tree. Unique plant life exist within the areas between rock formations, and desert surrounds as far as the eye can see. Geologists, botanists, off roaders, and rock climbers all call this park home.

A stunning view of the expansive desert can be found at Key View, though some guests may want to hold off on this for our sunset location. We will continue to the Jumbo Rocks and Skull Rock formations, and eventually end up at Ryan Mountain. Guests will be able to choose between an easier 1 mile look through Hidden Valley or a 3 mile/1,000+ ft hike to the summit of Ryan Mountain.

Evening – Joshua Tree South

At this point in the Joshua Tree tour, we’ll be getting to the late afternoon. As the sun begins to set, we’ll head into the southern and less visited portion of the park. Through the Golden Hour we’ll take in a field of baby Cholla cacti and Pinto Basin, as we work out way to our sunset location. Just remember: look but don’t touch. The Cholla is also known as the “Jumping Cactus” and will let you know if you get too close.

The single day Joshua Tree tour ends at Cottonwood Springs, full of unique plant life straight out of The Lion King. Lush and completely different from the rest of the park, plant life thrives and provides a stunning backdrop for sunset photos surrounded the an oasis created by the bottom point of the park where water flows from the desert above. One day tours will have dinner in Palm Springs then return to Los Angeles or Las Vegas based on convenience for the guests.

Guests open to more than one day in the park will have the opportunity to stargaze and light paint on the famous Arch Rock. We will create group silhouette shots, star trails, time lapses, and stunning light paintings. Overnight options will include camping under the stars in the park itself or treating ourselves in the nearby Palm Springs. The Joshua Tree tour is YOUR adventure, and ECA will work to make sure you get to live your dream outdoor adventure.

Joshua Tree Day Trip

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