Diversity in Outdoors

ECA believes that our National Parks are the crown jewels of this country and that every citizen should have the opportunity to experience them at some point. Not only are many prevented by economic factors, but outdoor activities have traditionally (unfairly) been considered “white people hobbies” and outdoor companies had thus (until recently) largely pursued a monochromatic clientele.

ECA National Park Scholarship Qualifications

Times are changing, and ECA seeks to be a part of that change through the creation of the ECA National Park Scholarship.
Each year, ECA will provide a scholarship to a family of up to 6 who:

1) has never experienced a national park,

2) would not be able to afford it otherwise,

3) are members of a traditionally underserved population, and

4) do good for others.

Our Priorities

These scholarships do not happen AFTER all the bills are paid and bonuses given out. National Park Scholarships are awarded and delivered first, factored in as part of our yearly operations, and a lynchpin reminder of what ECA is about.

Even if you’re not ready for your adventure, if this is a cause close to your heart please consider reaching out to donate to the ECA National Park Scholarship Fund. All donations will go towards growing the scholarship, and will compliment rather than replace current funding.

Ready to make your dream adventure a reality? Let's talk! Visit our contact page or fill out this form to reach out.