Our services are designed to make your adventure much more than just a vacation.

ECA works with each guest to create a personal, custom experience that they will remember for a lifetime.

You don’t go on our trips. We go on yours.

Services Provided:


Trip Planning and Customization
Group Preparation Sessions


Complimentary Transportation
Guidance and Safety
Elite Photo and Videography


30+ Unique Photos/Day
Adventure “Music Video”
Custom Printing/Framing

Elite Custom Adventures offers two general types of trips:

Las Vegas Day Trips and National Park Experiences. Select each image below to see available adventures.

Joshua Tree Day Trip

Las Vegas Day Trips

Yosemite to Sequoia Day Trip

National Parks Experiences

Not sure which is right for you? Take a look at our comparison chart:

ECA is proud to offer fully customizable, unique experiences that meet the specialized needs of international guests and corporate clients. Reach out for more information.

Benefits of Using ECA:

Save Time on Planning

No researching hikes. No guessing what gear and clothes you’ll need. No worrying about etiquette. ECA has all of this covered, and will have you prepared to hike like a pro, without purchasing a ton of unnecessary gear/clothing.


“You don’t know what you don’t know”. Well, when it comes to the outdoors, ECA does know what you don’t know. What do you do if you turn a corner into a bear or a moose? What if you get caught in a sudden lightning storm? What if someone falls and breaks their arm? We would never want these things to happen, if but they do, ECA is trained to keep your group safe. When it comes to What ECA Offers, peace of mind for you and your loved ones is invaluable.

Preparation Process

ECA’s preparation process will allow you to get the most out of your trip through physical and mental preparation for the excursions you want to take part in. The entire group will meet via Zoom to discuss goals, expectations, restrictions, and preparation.

Efficient Trip Time Utilization 

ECA’s experience allows us to cover numerous parks, hitting the highlights and skipping the tourist traps, maximizing the quality and diversity of trips.

Stay Engaged

Providing transportation and photography services allows guests to remain engaged with their families and friends throughout the trip. During transportation, guests can spend time with their family and arrive at the park rested rather than behind the wheel. During hikes, guests can enjoy the experience alongside their loved ones rather than behind a viewfinder, while still getting the photographs and actually being in them.

Professional Photo/Videography 

The quality of real photography is simply beyond anything that can be captured on a phone. In an increasingly visual world, these are pictures that will make your friends say “How’d you get those?” and that you will be able to look back on for decades to come. Additionally, National Park Experience groups will received a music video and individualized GIFs for each individual guests. Every photo on this website has been captured by ECA and is representative of the quality you should expect.

What This REALLY Costs

ECA has conducted a thorough pricing assessment and believes that if you were to do these vacations on your own, you would conservatively spend 70% of our trip costs anyway. ECA has priced trips based on comparable custom trip planning businesses, and considers the professional photography and videography services to be the value-add that sets us apart. When you take “What it costs to travel with ECA” and subtract “What you would spending anyways to do it on your own”, we believe you will find that the additional cost is significantly less than the value of the services ECA provides throughout your adventure.

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