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The name of the company says it all:
Elite. Custom. Adventure.

I rarely write reviews. I am taking the time to do this because Ryan and Elite Custom Adventures deserve to be recognized for going so far above and beyond expectations. The most striking aspect was Ryan’s excitement and passion for what he does.

Ryan’s expertise/knowledge with regards to photography and Death Valley National Park as well as his comprehensive, meticulous attention to detail. He came prepared with snacks and a gourmet meal as well as products for anything and everything that could possibly come up (extra face coverings, a brush to clean our lenses, chapstick, aspirin) and no telling what else he was prepared for. This allowed us to relax and enjoy our time knowing that we were covered no matter what.

We really enjoyed the scientific and historical education on Death Valley. Additionally, Ryan taught us how to maximize all of the functions on our photography equipment to capture some great shots on our own, while using his own equipment to document our entire experience.

We will be booking a similar adventure at a different national park.

Adventure Testimonials
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Adventure Testimonials
Adventure Testimonials

I had an amazing time with Elite Custom Adventures because Ryan goes above and beyond. He made it clear that the trip was fully customizable and he planned a great itinerary that reflected my interests – going on some stunning hikes, taking some of the best photos I have of myself, and even teaching me how to use the camera myself.

Ryan’s dedication was further demonstrated by the time he put in both before and after the trip, with a Zoom call to prepare and plan, and him editing the photos we each took after we returned.

Ryan’s passion for adventure and photography was undeniable and he was clearly committed to ensuring I had the best experience. He is truly professional and I recommend taking a trip with him.

“As we have been to several of the national parks around Vegas, we chose the Grand Canyon with Elite Custom Adventures because there really is nothing like it for scenery and photos.

I was looking forward to seeing the park again but this time with a professional photographer in tow who I knew would take extraordinary pictures based on what I saw of his work on Instagram and the ECA website. I was also excited to do the trip with our friends who haven’t seen the parts of the park that we would be visiting.

All of our questions were answered on the pre-trip Zoom meeting with Ryan.  He was very prepared, letting us know where we would be going in the park, what time we’d be leaving to catch sunrise, and what we should bring with us for the day. We felt prepared and had no nerves about the trip! 

The highlights of the trip were definitely sunrise and sunset, since those are my favorite kind of photos–add in the beauty of the Grand Canyon and wow!  We got there in time to set up and the shots were spectacular for both parts of the day.  

We also spent part of the day hiking down to Ooh Aah Point on the South Kaibab Trail with another gorgeous view.  We had great weather all day and the park was not too crowded.

We did a lot in an almost 24 hour period of time and after the trip finished, we recovered for a few days. About a week later, I loved getting the photos and seeing everything we did that day in such an amazing setting.

The pictures are excellent and the feedback was very positive after posting on social media! I really enjoyed spending the day with Ryan and our friends, and will always look back fondly on that day and the memories that we made! 

Thank you again, Ryan!!”

Adventure Testimonials
Adventure Testimonials
Adventure Testimonials
Adventure Testimonials

“As the COO of a liquor distributor, Best Brands, I have to go out to Las Vegas pretty regularly. This time it was to do a whisky tasting and select barrels for a custom bottling. Luckily, I booked my flight in a day early and got in touch with Ryan at Elite Custom Adventures.

I’ve traveled and spent time in nature, but have never been to a national park before. We decided to go to Death Valley, and it was truly an incredible experience. We moved through the park efficiently yet thoroughly, visiting Dante’s View, Zabreski Point, the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Artists’ Palate, and an incredible sunset at Badwater Basin, all in the course of one day.

It was perfect to really get a feel for what the park had to offer, and to make me want to come back for a more in-depth visit in the future. The only other problem is now I want to go visit other parks too.

Throughout the day, Ryan was clicking away on his camera and two weeks later I understood why this is different from just an outdoor guide service. When he delivered the final photos, it was clear that the quality of professional photography on a real camera blows even the highest quality phones out of the water.

My only regret is that it was just me, and I look forward to being able to have a similar experience with my family, business partners, and potential clients in the future.

Elite Custom Adventures tagline is “Experiences You Will Remember for a Lifetime”, and I can personally tell you that this is not an exaggeration. If you want a premium outdoor experience, hire Elite Custom Adventures.”

“Our guide was ready to go at 2 am, fully prepared. We drove to Zion to catch the 7am shuttle, but had enough time to stop and see the stars. I don’t think my kids had ever seen the Milky Way outside of the city. At the park, our guide led us on two hikes that were on our skill level but challenged us.

My little guy slept at lunch and on the car ride home, but was wide awake when it was time to play in the Virgin River. As fun as the trip was, the photos really are incredible.

I’ve been sending them to family and friends, and everyone on Facebook wants to know how we got our own personal photographer. 10/10 would travel with ECA again.”

Elite Custom Adventures Zion Family on Rocks

“ECA has this hiking thing down. I had limited camping and zero backpacking experience, and ECA was able to make me feel comfortable on multiple 50-mile hikes in grizzly country. We did The Skyline Trail in Jasper and Mt. Assiniboine, and both were intense, but rewarding and I always felt safe.

Over the course of almost two weeks we experienced the backcountry, visited the popular tourist highlights, and I became much more confident in my backpacking abilities, all in the stunning Canadian Rockies. And I left with stunning pictures from the entire experience.”

“Touring the country with ECA was a blast. I was able to kick back and relax while he handled all of the logistics. He’s a great night time driver, so I felt safe sleeping on the way to the next destination. Due to this, we made great time and were able to spend more time in nature.

I took lots of pictures on my phone but they didn’t compare to what ECA was able to take with his camera. You get to sit back and take in all of the magic in the moment, while ECA captures it. Truly an amazing experience of the American Southwest, and I barely had to lift a finger.”

Adventure Testimonials

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